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Mistress Jo Features in

The Squatter

Mistress Jo, rich and powerful property owner arrives to check one of her empty rental properties. She is disgusted to discover that a squatter has taken up residence. He is rudely awoken by a kick from her expensive leather boots. She continues to berate and humiliate the lowlife vermin. She stands on him, pins him to the ground and sits on him. Whilst humiliating him, she smokes and uses him as an ashtray. She kicks him around and takes hold of a leather belt and proceeds to beat him with it.
First ~10 minutes of  ~30 minute Scene

Mistress Jo Features in

Muddy Equestrienne

He gets a knock at the door and is greeted by an angry lady who is attired in her riding outfit of jodhpurs and boots … really, really muddy boots. She storms into the house, pushing past him and into the spotlessly clean kitchen. Her muddy boots soon change that appearance of cleanliness. He protests, but is soon put into his place as she berates him. Her temper rises and she kicks him to the ground and beats him with her crop. Subdued he is forced to lick her boots and clean the mud from them.
First part of  ~18 minute Scene

Mistress Jo features in


Mistress Jo decides that she would like to spend all of his money … and why not?

So after he recovers from the spiked drink, he finds himself tied to a chair.

Mistress Jo proceeds to torment him in order to extract information from him. She has his cashcard but requires the pin number.

Will she get it?

First ~8 minutes of  ~35 minute Scene