Cruella Career

Latest Position Available 🙂

Are you a model, looking for something more rewarding?

Some years ago I hired a model for a smoking shoot. Originally a photo/fashion model, she was looking for a change of career style and asked if I would take her on as an assistant. I did and she quickly learned how to film and edit.

During one infamous shoot (Pool of Punishment) she asked if she could take part and see what it felt like to whip a man. On that day, she discovered her true calling … and MISTRESS VIXEN was born!

So that is the herstory of Mistress Vixen. A lady who not only stars in some of her own features, but produces, films and edits films with other models too … now that is way better than just being a model!

Especially if you are a creative type and want to make much more of yourself!

I am looking for the next Mistress Vixen. Could it be You?


  • Star in shoots
  • Assistant Camera Person when shooting other models
  • Edit footage from shoots & Create Materials
  • Deal with Assets (Models, Mistresses & Slaves)

Promotion prospects include management/partnership

Open mind regarding FemDom/Fetish fantasies. Must be easy to get on with and have a desire to create great material. You do not require filming or photography skills. These you can easily learn. Must be completely reliable.

You need to live in or near Derby. Experience dictates that long-distance is not condusive to required business development. This is NOT an online/remote opportunity.

Experience NOT Necessary
You do not need to have experience with femdom/fetish filming, but you need to be keen to learn and have a desire to be involved.

IMPORTANT: This is not a side business. If you are employed, then please do not consider this opportunity. It is NOT something that you can do in your ‘spare time’. It is a genuine opportunity to develop a business with huge potential.

As well as having a great time filming and meeting cool models, depending on the role you prefer, there will be FEE, and/or percentage of sales, TBC (after training period).

Your Own Website
With Integrated Clipstore!
See the sample website I created with Mistress Vixen

Are you more than

Just A Model

  • Make much more than daily rates
  • Build a business for secure future
  • Royalties flowing in while you sleep
  • More work variety & interest
  • Career longevity

As a model you are limited to the amount of time available for shoots to generate your income. You appear in a shoot and you get paid … and that’s it!

Wouldn’t you much prefer to actually own the shoot material and continually make money from it, even while you sleep?

As a Producer, every shoot that you create will constantly be earning money for you!
As a Model/Producer you have an even greater advantage. You can also appear in some of your own productions.

Income derived from productions grows at an exponential rate and continues to arrive even while you sleep.