Goddess Chelsea

If Goddess Chelsea had one problem, it was that She was simply too beautiful.  Absolutely too breathtakingly, perfectly good looking. Those looks had opened up so many doors for Her. 

Whilst still in Her teens She was the top earner by a distance at Spearmint Rhino. She was prime time on Babestation, sought after by all the Elite Model Agencies, caused a clamour every time She went on a night out. Caused so much jealousy to alpha males who ached to “own” Her. 
Yes the Root Cause Analysis of all Her problems could be traced to a single source. Her absolutely awesome Beauty!
That was why She decided to become “Goddess Chelsea”. She wanted that feeling of hurting men and loving every single minute. 
Goddess was rich, had the finest things in life. However She took intense pleasure from extracting every penny She could empty from Her slaves’ Bank Accounts. My god, She was ruthless. Goddess had made the slave cowering naked in front of her now go to the cash point every day for the last week extracting £500 per day. He was trembling, cash in hand counting it out at Her feet. He completed the task and was overjoyed to hear his Mistress say “Good Boy”. He looked up. Mistress spat in his face three times, full force. “Say thank you. Where are your manners?” She hissed. 
He mumbled a thank you but Goddess Chelsea had already moved on. She had Her favourite Louboutin heels on. They perfectly complemented Her low cut, criminally short, latex designer dress. She caught sight of Herself  in the mirror! Wow She looked hot!
Chelsea dragged Her slave along the floor. She dropped on top of him without warning. Her perfect pert bottom suffocating him, lucky, lucky boy! 
You get 5 minutes with Me. That’s all you deserve. That’s all you will be able to take, believe Me, She whispered. 
She bounced up and as She did, She placed an expert kick right in the unfortunate slave’s balls. She had practiced that until it was perfect. “Back of the Net” She shouted feeling pleased with herself and the howling backdrop gave Her extra pleasure. 
She had a heavy crop nearby and flailed Her poor slave’s backside. That turned red quicker than a traffic light turns red from amber, such was Chelsea’s athleticism and technique. 
“Here’s a treat for you” Goddess then said. She generously offered Her slave the heel of Her designer shoe. “Kiss it, worship it and suck it like the slutty bitch you are.”
The slave did not need to be asked twice. He greedily and enthusiastically worshipped one Loub, then the other and was overjoyed when his Goddess forced both feet into his mouth, deliciously choking him. 
Then his time was up. Goddess’s time was precious. She dragged him to the door, reuniting him with his discarded clothes and shouted “Get out of My sight you pathetic peasant!”
Out he went like last week’s rubbish. Goddess slammed the door shut. She smiled knowing he would again be begging to be back as soon as his bank account allowed!
CT Nov 20