Sweet Like Candy

Bitch Goddess Candy looked down at the Senior Executive sprawled out in front of her. The Millionaire Sugar Daddy who had just passed her an envelope worth more than she had earned in her old dead end job in a year.  She took a moment.  “Life is good!” She said under her breath. 

In the blink of those piercing green eyes, Candy was back in character. “So. Why exactly do you think you deserve to wear these knickers?” she shouted mockingly. 
She knew full well that she wouldn’t get a response for two very good reasons. One because her rich slave had been told that he would be sent out of the Executive hotel room if he answered back again – and he knew it was no idle threat. Two because she had her pretty size 5 feet wedged half way down his throat – so he was incapable of speaking anyway! 
“The answer is that you don’t deserve to” she explained in her posh southern accent. “But I fancy a laugh. I fancy having a photo shoot with you. I fancy posting some footage of you to all my followers. So put them on!”
Candy removed her foot and threw the scarlet knickers to her naked sugar daddy.  He started to put them on. Goddess Candy roared with laughter. “My bad” she said “Footage. I mean inch-age” She pushed a designer heel into his “inch-age” shrivelling it further! ” Oh for God’s sake put those on and get that pathetic thing out of my sight.”
She then proceeded to take close up content of the humbled executive. “Smile bitch, you’re being streamed live.” She zoomed in on his face, his attire. 
The session lasted 15 minutes. First those watching were in the hundreds, then the thousands, then the tens of thousands. 
Goddess left him handcuffed to his 4 poster king size bed. She gathered up her envelope, her clothes and bag and left him there.
Before she left she wanted to give her Sugar Daddy one last memory of a perfect evening. She rang room service. “Can I order a bottle of your finest champagne to be delivered to the Executive Suite” she asked.? 
“Oh and I hope you don’t mind but I would prefer a female to deliver it as I wouldn’t want a man in my room this late at night” . The hotel manager assured her that would be fine. 
The Bitch Goddess laughed. “Have fun and enjoy your Champagne, darling!” She shouted. Then she left, slamming the door.
CT Nov 20