The A-Z Of Domination

Article by

Rogue Hagen

The doorbell rang. Mistress Annette’s personal slave glanced up at his beautiful owner and awaited her command.
“Go and see who it is,” she ordered with a tone of impatience. “Probably Tim and Andy,” Mistress Zena commented, glancing at her watch. Then adding, “Weren’t they supposed to be here at three?” “Correct,” replied Mistress Annette with a hint of anger in her voice. Mistress Annette’s personal slave re-entered the room, followed by a couple of males, who were completely naked.
“Well what are you waiting for?” Mistress Annette snapped at her personal slave. “You don’t want to watch these two getting the hides beaten off of them do you?”
“No, Mistress,” the personal slave agreed.
“Then get out!” shouted Mistress Annette, most displeased.
The two men stood with heads bowed as Mistress Annette and Mistress Zena looked them up and down. Mistress Zena toyed with a riding whip between her fingers and then lifted Tim’s penis with it.
“What do you think, Mistress Annette?” she asked, pressing Tim’s cock firmly up against his belly.
Mistress Annette grinned and said, ” I think it’s a disgrace. I don’t think it’s a cock, but a little worm.”
“Precisely,” Mistress Zena concurred. “Why,” she asked Tim, “do you insist on flaunting that miserable, pathetic little specimen of manhood in front of us?”
“I don’t know, Mistress Zena,” he answered.
“Wanker!” she screamed in his face. “What are you?”
“A wanker,” Mistress Zena.
Mistress Zena flicked the tip of her whip up between his legs and caught the dangling objects which he laughingly called his balls.
His hands instantly clutched his injured nuts to protect and soothe them. “Get your hands away!” shrieked Mistress Jena.
“What’s he doing? Wanking?” asked Mistress Annette, obviously disgusted at the prospect.
“I don’t want to see that little slug any more,” said Mistress Zena. “Cover it up. Now!”
Tim raced outside and returned a moment later wearing a pair of tight rubber pants. Mistress Zena and Mistress Annette looked him over. There was a slight bulge in the front of the pants, but the two Dominas agreed that this was not intolerable. He was warned, however, in no uncertain terms, that an increase in the size of the bulge at any time would result in drastic action being take against him. Zena flicked her whip against the tiny protrusion and he winced in pain
“You’ll be taking a lot more than that this afternoon,” smiled Mistress
Annette. She then tapped Andy’s sturdy looking pieces of manhood and commented to Mistress Zena, “I think we’ll leave him uncovered. I might find a use for that thing later.”
The pair of beautiful ladies smiled radiantly. They took a couple of hefty leather leads from a hook on the wall and fastened them tightly around the men’s necks.
Each lead had a sturdy chain attached, which couldn’t be broken by any male. Tim and Andy looked at the floor and contemplated what these stunningly attractive females were going to do with them. They had visited the Dominas before and had suffered at their hands. There was no reason for them to believe that this afternoon would be any different.
“On your knees!” shouted Mistress Annette. “Faster!”
Both men instantly got onto the floor. Mistress Annette stuck her glit­tering shoe on the back of Andy’s head and shoved it down hard until his nose was pressed into the floor where it belonged. The wretched pair of slaves knelt with their faces down and their arses up. Andy felt the thin leather whip which Mistress Annette held, stroking his back. He waited in petrified anticipation, wondering whether or not she would beat him. She looked down on him, this pitiful male specimen, mulling over whether or not she should give him his first whip-stroke of the afternoon.
As Mistress Zena grabbed a handful of Tim’s hair and yanked his head up roughly, he could see the beautiful crisp line where her black shiny boot met her soft pink thigh. Her skin was so perfect and so cool. His face rubbed against it for a millisecond as she twisted his hair around her long slender finger.
“Don’t you dare touch me!” Mistress Annette screamed, pulling his head back so that he was staring directly up at her. “Don’t you ever touch me!”
“Right,” said Mistress Annette, “Have you both been good boys?”
“Yes, Mistress Annette.” Andy and Tim said in unison.
“Do you deserve to be punished?” asked Mistress Zena.
“If you think so, Mistress Zena,” replied Tim. “If it makes you happy, Mistress Zena,” replied Andy.
“Right, well we’d better have these arses up in the air then hadn’t we?” said Mistress Zena. Mistress Annette looked down at Andy and calmly said, “Present yourself.”
Mistress Zena looked over and smiled as Andy shuffled about on his hands an knees.
“Present properly,” Mistress Annette said sternly.
“Come on, lad, bum up!” added Mistress Zena. “Nice and high.”
The slaves now had their unmarked bottoms presented well into the air. They both remained still, both awaiting the inevitable. “This is really going to hurt today,” warned Mistress Annette. “I haven’t whipped a worth­less little worm, or had sex, for almost two days. And now you’re going to pay for that.” Mistress Annette had deliberately chosen a very thin and pliable whip. It was a cruel whip.
A whip which was designed to be used as a gentle reminder on horses. If used with Mistress Annette’s full force, the consequences for Andy would be devastating. In the pas when Andy had first applied to her for training she had told him that if he could not endure he punishments then he would have to leave. She. had tested him before, but he felt that today h. might be tested to the limit. And there was no way that he wanted to stop his visits to her. She was the most perfect Mistress whom he had ever met. It was an honour and a privilege to serve one so beautiful.
Mistress Annette raised her arm to the hori­zontal, holding the whip straight out in front o her.
She looked down and lined up on Andy’s taut, flinching buttocks.
Her breasts jiggled as the whip swept smoothly through the air and cracked resoundingly across Andy’s tender hide.
“Aaaaah!” Andy gasped, gritting his teeth and stopping himself from screaming out. “Count out the strokes,” Mistress Annette reminded him.”One, Mistress,” he announced.
Andy awaited the second stroke, but it didn’t arrive. He furtively glanced up and sat Mistress Annette flexing her whip and smiling.
“Right then, your turn now,” said Mistres Zena, holding her whip across Tim’s arse a she measured up her stroke. Hisssssssssss-thwack! The whip sang out.
Luckily for Tim he was wearing the rubber pants, which although thin did offer his rump some protection.
“Count!” shrieked Mistress Zena.
“One, Mistress,” Tim said.
“I can’t hear you,” Mistress Zena said impatiently.
“One, Mistress Zena,” Tim called out in a loud and clear voice. “Don’t speak over me, slave! I was talking!” snarled Mistress Zena. “So impudent,” Mistress Annette cut in.
“Right, you’ll get an extra six for your impertinence,” Mistress Zena told the slave. “You count these strokes because I want you to know how much effort I’m putting into your training. So how many strokes have you had?”
“One, Mistress Zena,” Tim said.
“Wrong!” Mistress Zena hissed. “You’ve had minus six.” “Minus six, Mistress,” Tim said with a sad note in his voice.
Mistress Annette was now wound up by Tim’s rudeness and stupidity.
She gritted her teeth and raised her arm to well above the horizontal position.
And this time she slashed the whip through the air using all the power of her arm and upper body.
As the whip lashed across Andy’s buttocks, the skin split open in a thin red line.
“Aaaaah! Owwww!” Andy gasped, jumping from foot to foot.
“Keep still!” barked Mistress Annette.
“God, you’re annoying me, slave. You are really going to get it. Now count!”
Andy mumbled, “Two, Mistress Annette.”
“Don’t mumble when you’re talking to me!
Who the hell do you think you are?” bellowed Mistress Annette.
“Two, Mistress Annette,” cried Andy.
“Wrong, slave. I’ve decided you’re on minus si as well,” Mistress Annette told him.
“Well…?” “Minus six, Mistress,” snivelled Andy through his tears of pain.
“A bit of a cry baby isn’t he,” said Mistress Zena, before turning her attentions to Tim’s waiting back­side.
Tim clenched his buttocks firmly together in anticipation.
Mistress Zena flicked her whip against his skin and his bottom instantly unclenched.
Her arm came up in a flash and the whip fell again with great force, catching his vulnerable, untightened rump with a severe blow.
“Don’t you ever try that trick again, my lad!” she warned sternly.
“Damned cheek!” commented Mistress Annette. “Minus five, Mistress Zena,” Tim called out.
“A bit bloody late!” Mistress Zena ‘complained. “You’ll get another six for that! That’s minus twelve. Say it!”
“Minus twelve, Mistress Zena,” Tim snivelled. Mistress Annette and Mistress Zena administered punishment and observed with satisfaction as the slaves became beautifully compliant and obedient. “Right, you may lie down and clean the bottom of my shoes,” Mistress Annette told Andy.
As Mistress Annette made herself comfortable, Andy pushed out his tongue and wiped the sole of her pretty shoe with it.
He could see her dainty toes poking through the end of her open-fronted shoes.
Even though she had flogged his backside merci­lessly and caused him extreme pain and suffering, he was devoted to her. If it was her will, then he would obey.
There was nothing that he wouldn’t endure for his beloved Mistress.
Mistress Zena commanded Tim to lie on the floor and show proper respect to Mistress Annette’s shoes with his tongue.
The two males lay at Mistress Annette’s feet, licking every speck of dirt from her gorgeous shoes.
“Here!” snapped Mistress Annette to Tim. “Stool!” Tim instantly bent down onto all fours and held his back in readiness to serve as a seat for the Mistress.
He braced himself as her weight lowered onto him and he was supporting every ounce of her. She relaxed and crossed her legs, looking down at him as she felt some movement underneath her bottom.
“Stay still, damn you!” snapped Mistress Annette. Then turning to Andy she ordered, “Cigarette. Come along, hurry!”
Andy knelt up and nervously fumbled with the Mistress’s cigarette packet.
“I’m waiting,” she complained.
Andy opened the packet and offered a cigarette to her. She took it in her slender fingers and slid the tip between her soft lips. He flicked the lighter in readiness, careful to hold it in the correct posi­tion so that the flame was directly under the end of the cigarette. Mistress Annette coolly sucked in the delicious smoke and inhaled deeply. She exhaled, blowing the smoke into Andy’s face.
“Get me some wine, slave,” demanded Mistress Annette.
`Within fifteen seconds her lips were pressed into the rim of a long-stemmed glass and she was sipping delicious, fruity wine. Tim’s mus­cles were aching, but he didn’t dare to move to relieve his pain. He knew that he must remain totally still and unyielding to her weight. To serve a Mistress as a piece of furniture was a reminder of his status in life.
As far as Mistress Annette was concerned he could have been made of wood. He was purely functional, not human, not even animal, but an inanimate object, without feelings or bones or muscles which might ache. Should he move even a fraction of a millimetre, she would thrash him until he screamed for mercy.
“Ashtray,” Mistress Annette said, standing and holding her cigarette above Andy’s face. Andy knew exactly what was expected of him. He opened his mouth wide, poking out his tongue so as not to obscure his gaping mouth from her cigarette. Mistress Annette casually flicked her index finger and sent a lump of glowing ash falling into his mouth. “Stand up,” she said softly.
He didn’t know why he must stand. But he knew that whatever command his Mistress gave him, he must obey without question. With his head bowed, Andy could see the red hot tip of Mistress Annette’s cigarette approaching his crutch. He held his breath in readiness to receive the pain. She stabbed the cigarette towards him, then pulled it back, then stabbed it towards him once again. She was testing to see whether he would dare to pull his dangling organs away from her, in a vain attempt to escape being burnt. Andy stood fast and strong. She was pleased with his level of obedience and devotion. Then she pressed the glowing ash against the tip of his penis.
There was a sizzling noise and the smell of roasting flesh. She held the cigarette firmly on his burn­ing skin until there was no more smoke. A tear rolled down his cheek and she smiled sweetly. The extinguished cigarette fell carelessly to the floor and Andy instantly gobbled it up, careful to lick up the tiny pieces of ash which had fall­en around it.
“Doormat!” Annette directed Tim.
Tim spread himself across the floor with his face pressed down, as was the customary posi­tion of a doormat. As Mistress Annette stepped onto his back, she was annoyed that the design of the male body was imperfect for use as a rug. Her heels dug into Tim’s scrawny back. Even though he was in extreme pain, he knew that if he moved and upset Mistress Annette’s balance, she would thrash him to within an inch of his life. And undoubtedly he would be thrown out and ordered never to return.
It was, therefore, imperative that he held himself total­ly still for her.
As Tim adapted to his new role, mentally accepting the pain which her heels were creating, he felt the full weight of Mistress Zena climbing onto him. The two supreme Mistresses stood on top of his back, occasion­ally shifting their weight from one foot to another and scoring his flesh with their razor- sharp heels. Mistress Annette put her arm around her dear friend’s slender waist.
Her skin was so smooth and soft and warm. The pair embraced and started to kiss.
From his position kneeling on the floor, Andy glanced up. He watched as Mistress Annette pushed her tongue deep inside Mistress Zena’s mouth, their lips pressing together like rose petals.
How he craved to be given the opportunity to show the Mistresses how much he loved them. And as he saw Mistress Annette’s fingers gently caress Mistress Zena’s beautiful round but­tocks, he felt his cock harden, and the unrelenting pain of the cigarette which had burnt into his flesh.
Mistress Annette slid her fingers between the silky cheeks of Mistress Zena’s bum. Slipping them gently forwards she could feel the soft, fleshy mounds of Mistress Zena’s pussy.
Pushing aside the PVC which covered it, Mistress Annette rubber her hand backwards and forwards along the length of the glistening damp pussy. She probed and slid her middle finger between the juicy lips and inserted it as far as it would go. Inside, Mistress Zena was hot and wet.
Their feet shuffled painful­ly on Tim’s back as their excitement grew. And as Mistress Annette’s finger worked its magic inside her, Mistress Zena began to pant and groan with pleasure. And as Mistress Zena reached a glorious, scream­ing, juddering orgasm, her pinpoint heels pricked into Tim’s flesh with so much ferocity that he could barely suffer the pain.
As the Mistresses stepped off the doormat, Mistress Zena command­ed the slaves to arrange themselves as a pair of seats. Scampering quickly into position, the slaves formed a comfortable place for her to sit. Andy could feel moisture dribbling from her pussy as she sat on top of his buttocks. She flicked his head round with her whip and had him lick her boots. Mistress Zena sat for a good long time, sipping delicious wine and smiling to herself.
“So, did we enjoy the show?” Mistress Annette asked Andy as Mistress Zena stood up and stretched.
“I don’t understand, Mistress Annette,” Andy said.
Mistress Annette grabbed his face and hissed, “Liar! You watched us. I know you did. Now answer me, slave, did you enjoy it.”
“Yes, Mistress,” Andy replied shamefaced.
“Then you must pay for that privilege,” Mistress Annette told him. Mistress Annette pushed her knee sharply up into Andy’s crutch, bashing his testicles. He fell to the floor, doubled up in agony holding his damaged organs.
Mistressess Zena opened the door of the tiny Cage on the floor, and the Mistress kicked him until he grovelled into the cage and curled himself up inside.
“Disgusting filth!” shrieked Mistress Annette.
The two ladies sat on top of the cage and Mistress Zena playfully twiddled Mistress Anettes’s nipples between her fingers. Then, leaning forwards she kissed her friend and began to lick the pretty gold ring which pierced through her left nipple.
Mistress Annette squealed with pleasure. As they kissed and licked and sucked, Andy sat uncomfortably scrunched up in his prison in his prison hell below them. “Here make yourself useful,” said Mistress Zena and passed him a large stiff dildo.
Andy had been given this job before and knew exactly what to do.
Mistress Zena sat on top of the cage and spread her legs wide apart. Andy looke up and he could see her sumptuous pussy opening before him.
He carefully guided the long, thick toy towards its target. It pressed against Mistress Zena’s dark swollen labia and stopped. Andy contin­ued to push and the lips parted and the massive manhood began to slide up inside
Andy continued pushing until the dildo reached her inner depths. Then, with a careful, steady rhythm, he started sliding it and out, pushing and pulling it to use every last millimetre of its superb Dimensions. As Mistress Zena let cry with a wonderful climax, Andy was showered with the sweet nectar of her orgasm.
And as his arm continued to operate the toy inside her, he was unable to resist licking the dribbles of her juice from his lips.
Andy was tugged brutally by the hair from his cage. It was quite obvious that the Mistresses were very angry with him.
“You filthy slave!” shrieked Mistress Annette.
“How dare you get pleasure from me!” yelled Mistress Zena, and proceeded to whip him until he was so weak and sore that he was unable to stand up.
As Andy collapsed in a heap on the floor, Mistress Annette kicked him in the ribs, the arse and the balls.
He groaned and then fell quiet. “You! Get up against the wall!” shouted Mistress Zena, yanking on Tim’s lead.
Every ounce of oxygen was pummelled from Tim’s lungs as Mistress Zena spun him around and sent him crashing against the wall.
She kicked him angrily in the balls and followed up with her knee.
He almost blacked out as a pain went searing through his body, to the pit of his stomach.
“Get up!” yelled Mistress Zena and yanked him up by the lead. “You useless piece of shit!”
As Tim stumbled uneasily onto his knees, Mistress Zena climbed onto his shoulders and sat astride his head.
She wrenched his head back by his hair and clamped her legs tightly around his ears.
Tim thought that his head would be crushed under the pressure. He was panic-stricken, sure that she would smash his skull and kill him. And as he found himself in the most dire situation of his entire life, staring death in the face, Mistress Annette stood behind him and started whipping and ridiculing him
The two slaves lay broken and battered on the hard wooden floor as their Mistresses sat upon their thrones above them. Mistress Zena smiled, greatly amused and pleased at the shattered state of the pathetic pair of males.
“You’ve been having too much fun, slaves,” said Mistress Annette.
The Mistresses scraped their heels up and down Andy’s chest and belly.
Mistress Zena’s boot paused above his delicate testicles. Then slowly she began to sink her heel into the soft, rubbery flesh.
The sharpness of her stiletto started to pierce the outer skin.
“They’re like two little meatballs on a kebab skewer,” Annette joked.
“I love kebabs,” purred Mistress Zena. Andy was paralysed with pain. He knew that if he uttered just one sound, Mistress Zena might push down, even slightly, and transform him into a eunuch.
The thought had crossed her mind. The Mistresses had often talked about the harems of the Middle east and the eunuchs who waited obediently hand and foot on the ladies there.
It was a tempting prospect to reduce this impudent male into a placid, impotent eunuch.
“Another day perhaps,” said Mistress Zena.
“You’re a lucky slave,” Mistress Annette told Andy. “But we could pop their eyes out,” she giggled.
“Eyes open. Now!” Mistress Zena ordered.
Tim opened his eyes and could see a pointed heel just millimetres above his eyeball.
The Mistresses were giggling.
He felt the heel actually brush his eyeball and then remain there, just resting. He wanted to scream out. But he was trapped. If he moved now, her heel would poke his eye out for certain.
The sweat poured down his face and he held his breath for what seemed like hours, he remained totally still.
“Get up!” barked Mistress Zena. “Get in there!”
Tim was dragged to his feet and pushed into a cage in the corner. “Head down! Don’t you dare move!” shouted Mistress Zena.
As Tim stood in the cage he listened to the Mistresses beating and torturing Andy. He could hear them kicking him and his groans as each boot went thumping into his body.
Mistress Zena smiled as she jabbed his legs and buttocks with nails. They stubbed cigarettes out in the crease of his arse.
They stood on him and trampled him, crushing him until he was a shaking wreck.
“Weak and worthless,” commented Mistress Zena.
“More training and they might get there one day,” said Mistress Annette.
“Right, present,” said Mistress Zena, dragging Tim from the cage by his collar.
The slaves bent over with their arses stuck high into the air.
Mistress Annette raised her whip and sent it slashing down across Andy’s buttocks.
“One, Mistress Annette,” he called out very loudly and clearly. “You see, you do learn,” Mistress Annette praised him.
Mistres Zena wasn’t quite so complimentary as she let fly with her whip and Tim’s voice weakly said, “One, Mistress Zena.”
“No. I said I want to hear you count out these strokes so I can hear them,” she complained.
“You don’t learn do you?”
“No, Mistress Zena,” sobbed Tim.
“Okay, now stop crying and we’ll start from the beginning. And we’ll call that minus six shall we?”
She delivered her stroke and Tim sang out, loud and clear, “Minus six Mistress Zena.”
might as well be even,” said Mistress Annette to Andy. “So you can be minus six too.”
The Mistresses laid their whips on thick and hard across the rumps and backs of their slaves.
And when, finally, they were satisfied that the slaves had been suitably punished, they made them lick their boots until their tongues were almost dropping out.

The slaves knelt at the feet of their Mistresses and with heads bowed and said, “Thank you Mistress Annette. Thank you, Mistress Zena.” “Do you wish to serve us in the future?” asked Mistress Annette. “Yes, Mistress Annette. Yes, Mistress Zena. If it pleases you, Mistresses.” They replied in concert.

And the slaves licked the women’s boots hungrily and begged to be allowed to return to serve the most beautiful Mistresses on the planet.

But all the begging in the world does not guarantee a place in the service of Mistress Annette and Mistress Zena.