Zoe’s Ball

Zoe was tall and blonde. A popular lap dancer. She had the world at her pretty little feet. More specifically, she had every red blooded guy for miles around aching to kiss her perfect Size 5’s. 

Zoe had tried to trace it back. She was a Psychology graduate so she knew about these things. Why did she hate men and love to humiliate them and stamp on their balls? 
She hated her father with a vengeance. He had never given her the attention she deserved. Her early boyfriends had tried their amateur psychology on her. Haha they never stood a chance. She wasn’t proud of herself but they had come off badly. If they tried to make her jealous, flirting with other girls …. she just slept with their friends and humiliated them. If they  tried to not pay their way and spoil her as they should … she just fluttered her eyelashes and earned herself a few grand from another more appreciative guy. 
Zoe had come to the conclusion that there was nobody in her town, city or country that was good enough for her. Certainly not “boys” of her own age. So she had gone stripping and found herself a real man. Well so he thought. He was more of a challenge than others but ……
Cut to real time. Zoe had bribed the Club Security to leave her alone in VIP with her guy. Zoe had ordered him to the bar to get her a “Large Vodka and Coke, no ice”. Her guy had dutifully done that but on his return saw two guys admiring Zoe. She had beckoned them to come in as soon as her guy had gone to the bar. She took her “Naughty £40” from them both. Pocketed the money. Stood on their balls. Watched them scarper. Laughed uncontrollably. 
“What took you so long?” She shouted to her guy. “I got bored. You know what I am like when I get bored.” She grinned. 
“Put my vodka down there” “Sit down in the corner” she instructed and beckoned him to an area out of view of the Club’s CCTV. 
Zoe gulped her Vodka. Spat it all over his face. Stared at him for a reaction. Then slapped and slapped his wet cheeks until they reddened and became swollen.
Zoe looked at her silver stripper heels. They were lethal weapons. They both knew what would happen next. The club was way past closing time but security would turn a blind eye. Zoe went into a frenzy. All the times men had tried to hurt her, fleece her, take advantage of her, try to emotionally strangle her. All that emotion came out in Zoe’s revenge. Her slave’s balls were the focus of her attention.  It was brutal, it was prolonged, it was so so sweet for her.
Her guy crawled out of the club in the early morning, battered, bruised and broken. Zoe stepped over him. She was going to have a long lie in. She was relaxed and had been richly rewarded in many ways. 
She was completely at peace ….  until the next time.
CT Nov 20